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We believe design celebrates the unique spirit of each individual. Our mission is to bring brilliant design to our clients to enhance the beauty in their lives. 

Our team has embarked on projects ranging from grand to intimate, encompassing both commercial and residential domains. 


Regardless of the scale, budget, or timeline, one truth remains consistent -- each client deserves a design that mirrors their own distinctive essence.


Our strength is our ability to fuse the minutiae with a grand vision, resulting in spaces that exude vibrancy from a distance and reveal richness and subtlety up close. We seamlessly weave your persona, way of life, and passions with our core design principles to create a beautiful space that is uniquely yours.



Partner / Senior Designer

Arianna is an experienced Interior Designer crafting beautiful residential and commercial spaces. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts for Interior Design. After graduating, Arianna gained experience in hospitality designing Marriott and Hilton hotels nationwide. She later shifted to residential design in Baltimore and joined Kasey at a local studio. Once forming her business partnership with Kasey, Winsome Interior Design was born. Arianna shines as a Partner with her beautiful design strategy and tireless work ethic. When she is not designing, Arianna enjoys cooking, spending time with dogs, and loving the holidays!


Partner / Coordinator

Kasey is an experienced designer who uses thoughtful design to make people feel happier and more fulfilled. Kasey has two passions in life: interior design, and the environment. She pursued her love for the environment and graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies. Kasey then spent many years staging and designing at a local company where her other passion quickly evolved into a career. During those years, Kasey also traveled and developed a deep appreciation for international architecture. After returning to Baltimore, she continued her career at a small interior design studio with Arianna before creating Winsome Interior Design. When Kasey is not designing she continues to travel the world, snuggle with her three pets, and explore the outdoors!

Junior Designer

Mikaila is a talented and dedicated Junior Designer at Winsome Interior Design, where she brings her expertise in spatial and structural design to create captivating and functional spaces. She is a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design where she acquired a comprehensive understanding of design principles and techniques. Mikaila has demonstrated her ability to transform ideas into tangible, innovative designs. Her strong foundation in scale, spatial relationships, light, and circulation enables her to craft spaces that not only inspire but also optimize for functionality. Moreover, her knowledge of client psychology further enriches her skill set, allowing her to design spaces that perfectly align with clients' visions and needs. Mikaila's passion for design, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset to any design project she undertakes.

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HR Manager



Office Manager

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