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On a chilly fall day in Baltimore, more than two decades ago, a second-grade class let out for recess. The leaves were turning a toasty ochre and dappled auburn as a brunette, freckled little Kasey puttered around near the monkey bars. She was flitting about until she spotted a pigtailed Arianna, locked and loaded with sidewalk chalk in either hand. She was struck by her impassioned vision and keen eye for design. “That girl is going to be my new best friend,” Kasey thought, “I can just tell.”

As Kasey and Arianna continued as best friends through middle school and upper school, so too did their families. They had sleepovers and vacationed together, and even spent some holidays together. As with any good duo, their friendship was based on mutual trust and the ability to make each other collapse in laughter. Kasey and Arianna may have even enjoyed a beverage or two together before their 21st birthdays, but there’s no evidence of this.


Kasey went off to college in a breezy beach town in North Carolina while Arianna headed off to our nation’s capital to study design. When they graduated, Arianna stayed in D.C. and started work at a design studio. Despite Arianna’s rule of never being more than an hour’s drive from family, Kasey had other plans. She went to travel the world as an environmental conservationist. 

It was while Kasey was trolling the misty knolls of New Zealand that Arianna asked her to quit poking around out there and to come back to their beloved Baltimore so they could realize their dream of opening up a design firm.

From that day forward, they worked long days and nights developing their craft and building a book of clients they loved. It wasn’t easy, but yet again they proved to be the yin to each other’s yang. The seasons passed, they grew together and in business, and then finally Winsome Interior Design was open for business.

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